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Petaluma Poultry offers free range and organic chicken, only raised in and around Sonoma County with our industry pioneering poultry raising practices.

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Non- GMO Project Verified†
  • Free Range
  • Air Chilled
  • Sustainably Farmed*
  • No Hormones or Steroids Added**
  • Always 100% Vegetarian Fed with No Animal By-Products


SONOMA RED® Organic Pasture Raised Chicken

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SONOMA RED® Chicken, the newest member of our family, is a heritage breed. Red-feathered and slower growing, SONOMA RED® Chickens are raised in pasture-centered environments that are Global Animal Partnership Step 5 certified.

These chickens have 24-hour access to pasture areas. Since these birds are outside day and night, we use a heritage breed that is hardier than the typical broiler chicken.

Sonoma Red
Sonoma Red

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